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Who are we?

G’Fellers Construction & Design is a homegrown business serving the northern Illinois area since 1983.  A multi-generational company, we care about our community and carrying on our reputation for exceptional service.

What do we do?

G’Fellers Construction & Design specializes in commercial, industrial and residential construction.  Our past projects range in size from small residential homes to large suburban churches.  Regardless of size, we treat each project as if it’s our most important.

Why are we different?

Our team holds itself to exceedingly high-quality standards and expects the same from our contractor partners.  We focus on minimizing any inconvenience typically associated with a building experience.  While working within the customer's budget, G'Fellers Construction & Design offers the finest products available.  Energy-efficient and environmentally responsible products are continually researched so we may offer our customers the best materials for their project.

When are we available?

Whenever you’re ready.  Bring us your ideas, blueprints, sketches, articles and napkin plans.  G’Fellers Construction & Design is ready to partner with you to consult, design and build your project.














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